Decoration with balls

When we caught the desire to make changes in our home we have wondered more than once what kind of furniture or objects could be placed to give it a different, without the budget goes away in it.

decoration with balls

One way to give a room a completely different touch is used as ornamental polystyrene balls, which do not weigh much and we offer a wide range of possibilities, such as hanging from the ceiling of the room you want to decorate. Although it may seem too simple, we are amazed to see the change that gives the place.

Generally, these balls sell in white, but are easy to paint any other color with a paint that is suitable and particular for this item.

We can paint the walls in two tones of the range of that same color that we have chosen, and once the balls are hanging, can paint some furniture with these same tones. It is always, of course, the option of purchasing, but recycling some old furniture can be just as pretty, or even more.

The upholstery we can adapt to these tones, putting a little darker, so that it stands in the room, and let us also with a few cushions with different shades of the selected color.

If we put some rugs and curtains to the room with these shades will have gotten a great conjunction. Now shortage of details and accessories we can choose from some tables and dishes that keep the same range of colors.

At the end the most remarkable point of the room will be balls that we put at the beginning, so we put them in a primary site and look at first sight as enter the room, achieving a great harmony.