Decoration: In the bathroom, relax!

Since the fifties, the space dedicated to the bathroom has undergone a major transformation to be conceived as a place for relaxation and pampering. Here are some ideas to enhance the calming effect from design and decoration.

decorate the bathroom

Currently, the bathrooms increasingly resemble a oriental spas whose design comes from the interest in the health of the body, the mind and the belief in the therapy of the water as a means to soothe and purify the spirit. To decorate the bathroom with a simple style that connects with the feeling that we are talking about, is necessary to make a strict minimalism.

The color is limited to one or two shades and the pipes are hidden to concentrate on the ritual and not to let any visual hindrance distract us. The bathtub, shower and sink should be clear of boats and cosmetics: we can replace the shelves loaded with objects by discrete cabinets. In this case we can say that less is more.

The decorative elements should also be minimized, as a picture or a simple plant. If we want to introduce more items, we can play with natural objects and textures, but be wary of rich tones.

The best way to create an environment where peace is opts for very simple accessories. Decorate a room in a minimalistic way does not mean having little choice, but functional elements needed to charge prominence through their materials and their combination, at the same time elegant, harmonious and reassuring result.

Change dark furniture by other smoked glass helps make lighter and more spacious bathroom. Use cold tones on a stay painted in shades of cream or white created a fund where the limpid cleanse the body and the spirit tired from day to day.

The use of wood in the bathroom has an additional component, because when wet with hot water or steam from the shower off a wonderful aroma. The stone is also highly desirable material because it gives feeling of permanence, in contrast to the fleetingness of the changing outside world.

And finally, the lighting! We can not leave to chance. In a room of this kind need natural light to flood the space and compose it as a liberator who lightens the spirit.