Decorating with rice paper

One of the most versatile materials for crafts is the rice paper. We can use it to make from simple boxes, lamps, trays or containers. This material will give our home a personal touch.

use rice paper

Rice paper is mainly used as decoration. We can use it to take objects or to create new decorations. We are talking about a very economical material with which it is very easy to work. This implies a plus to include it as a possibility if we are proposing to do a craft.

This material has its origin, as it is logical, in the oriental culture. Not only used for making crafts but also is the main element of the Japanese panels.

We should not be fooled by its fragile appearance, since it is a very strong role even gets to use for exterior doors.

Its manufacture is performed based on the plant of rice, hemp and bamboo, and formerly used to write in it and make origami. But today, the rice paper is one of the materials used to make crafts.

Rice paper as decorative element
One idea is to use rice paper for lining boxes. It is the simplest way to use this type of material. It is just wrap the boxes with this paper to give them a more decorative appearance.

If we like the most elaborate objects, we can wrap photo frames and pictures with rice paper. It is also simple and in this case we can add little touches like stick drawings so that the result is more professional. Following the same method we can decorate, for example, trays, dishes, plates and bottles. But we’ll have to wrap these goals more carefully, since the curved surfaces can complicate the job.

Another option, and perhaps the most complicated of all, is to create Chinese lanterns. It is the most representative objects when talking about decorating with rice paper. Whether our lounge follows a oriental decoration as if not, this lamp style will give a different touch to our home.