Decorating Trends: The imposition of white

For many it is a symbol of tranquility and peace. For others it is a color too quiet and low life. What is a reality is one of the most used colors in decorating. The reason? We discovered one of the tenderest and cozy trends. Find out its tracks below.

imposition of white

The white color has been used ever since. In most cases, and the economic situation, the target was used because the color is cheaper for many things. With the passage of time, it began to use color in the houses, but all of a sudden, the white returns to take its hollow already be more fashionable than ever.

This color is one of the most used in decorating trends. And it is that white provides cleaning, amplitude and luminosity. It is also a color that blends perfectly with other shades. All fit and get along well with white. If you want the home decorative elements gain importance, white is your ally. Also, look at this side, always will be cheaper to change cushions to repaint a room.

But white is not a color that has to be linked only to the walls. You can use white for the couch, the kitchen chairs, cushions, sheets … Supports multiple aesthetic possibilities and allows you to take risks in other elements without mistake in the final result.

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