Decorating bathrooms, what we do wrong?

When we decorate our bathroom we can make two very common mistakes. The first is to focus on usability without offering decorating the bathroom, which then makes it an uncomfortable place without space to store things or conversely, do the opposite. We want to be comfortable and tidy but giving up the decor.

error in decorating bathrooms

However, two things need not be contradictory; we can order them and avoid the most common mistakes in decorating bathrooms.

The order of items in the bathroom is basic. We need to place them in a useful way. Put the toilet behind the door is a big mistake, we simply inconvenience to the person who is inside the bathroom.

Order in a very small space
As mentioned before, the order is basic in a bathroom, do not always having too many yards and we must use them to store the right way. We cannot let things through and create a terrible sense of disorder.

Another big problem and fatal error in decorating bathrooms is certainly the installation of laminate flooring, since while there are some special, it will never have the same resistance that the ceramic or stone.

Avoid wooden floors
While aesthetically this type of soil is wonderful, we cannot avoid moisture to lift it and spoil it.

However, if we put stone or ceramic, which is much stronger, just have to place mats for the floor we find it much warmer.

In addition, we are fortunate that ceramics manufacturers have achieved very successful wood imitations that are confused with the truth, if that decorative style is we want to give.

In any case, when decorating a bathroom, before we launch into this, we try to think a little better and use logic to check what we really need. Thus, convert our bathroom, plus a beautiful place, in a functional site.