Decorating a small bedroom

More or less all we have ever had a room of small dimensions that, when it comes to redecorate, has brought us more problems than the other, having had to think hard to see how we could get the maximum possible benefit.

small bedroom

The first thing that we have to be taken into account when deciding how to decorate the room is not to fall into a very common mistake, and that has been committed many times. It is the thought that if the room is small we decorate with small furniture.

This is a mistake, and thus only got that the room is cramped and the whole aesthetic left much to be desired. What we must ensure, with respect to the furniture in a small room is to be dual-use, such as using a bed that has drawers underneath.

We must also ensure that there is no more furniture than is necessary so that the room is not full. Speaking again of the bed, a bunk bed is always better than two beds, which may fill the room too.

Aside from the furniture, accessories and ornaments are, that we will need are a few to not look overdone.

A rule of thumb in small’s room is to maintain strict order. Think two or three things out of place and gives the impression of being all over the room upside down.

We take care of the lighting, ensuring that there is much, which will make the room appear wider. We will seek to make the most of the natural light coming through the windows, supplemented with good artificial light to those places to which comes less. Remember that you can use a mirror, which, placed in the site will reflect the light, creating more, in addition to that already by itself provide a feeling of spaciousness.

For walls and overall decor, use light colors, white or cream, yellow or light green, looking from among these the one that best suits your furniture. It is always better that everything is, although not in the same tone, if of the same color range.