Decorating a room with vintage furniture

The interior decoration, in the background, is not anything other than a cycle in which details of previous trends are renewing and joining the new. That’s what for years about the vintage, so we want you to know the keys to decorate a room with vintage furniture.

room with vintage furniture

The great advantage of the decoration is that we can combine different styles and in this case, mixing vintage style with a modern touch to offer an incredible result. If we really want to give a real retro look to the rooms, the best way is through the vintage furniture. There are particular parts that are a must for this effect in our home.

A decoration that does not require much spending
One of the great advantages of decorating with this style is to achieve a vintage decoration does not require a large financial outlay. If the dining table in our living room is old, we can renew them by covering them with a coat of white paint, paint the chairs in bright colors, dare to give a touch of color to the walls or decorate with wallpaper with a retro design, and add accessories like antique mirrors, vases or a wall clock.

There are many formulas that we can use, but there are some vintage furniture and accessories that are essential to give our dining room as well as a decorative touch, air of realism and reflect the most approximate the retro aesthetic.

Accessories that accompany furniture
The dining table is the main piece of furniture in this room. It is the main piece of furniture in any room and this is the one that should represent the most vintage style. Wooden tables in white color, with a robust structure and aged appearance; or round tables that recall older models, are ideal. Vases with floral prints can be the determining factor for the vintage appearance overall.

As for the antique chairs, you can also decorate if they are painted with vivid colors. In addition, like tables, chairs must be aged wood, combined with steel wood or upholstered in brown leather or colorful fabrics and floral prints and geometric shapes.

We must not forget the decor of the dining room complete with elements such as mirrors and pictures with old frames, chandeliers, carpets with designs in zigzag, a cuckoo wall clock, objects with patterns of flowers, etc. The trick is, as always, in decorating but not overburdens the room.