Decorating a L-shaped kitchen

One of the most important areas of the house is the kitchen, and precisely for this reason we must think how much we’ll do the distribution and type of decoration that we will give. Because there are some peculiarities in size and general shape of the kitchen, today we’ll focus on one of the kitchens that can cause us more complications and we’ll explain how to decorate L-shaped kitchen.

L-shaped kitchen

A lot of people do not like L-shaped kitchen too much, not realizing that it is the most comfortable and functional at the time of starting cooking.

The essential triangle
And according to experts, there is an imaginary triangle formed by the sink, fridge and hob, three basic points we need in the kitchen when preparing food, which is what it’s for.

If these three areas are near, it will be much more comfortable to be moving one side to another of the kitchen. This distance should therefore not exceed 6 meters, though the ideal distance is 90 centimeters between each of these appliances.

The L-shaped kitchens allow us to all this, can design the kitchen considering three areas of greatest importance are: the washing, with dishwasher and sink; the cooking, with plate hob, oven and microwave, and the storage, fridge and freezer.

Great possibilities in any style
A kitchen in L-shaped also allows us to add a table, even if we have a house with a stylish loft, kitchen with L can integrate seamlessly.

Any style is valid for L-shaped kitchens, from Shabby chic, the more rustic or more modern. If we put lower cabinets that do not reach the ceiling, you can use the top to place decorative objects or placing extendable tables that hide and disguise but that we draw from more than a rush.

Everything is possible in L-shaped kitchen.