Decorating a home from scratch

One of the most exciting moments, but at the same time more complicated, it is to decorate a home from scratch. Generally we do not really know where to start, because we have hundreds of ideas in our head, so better put them in order.

decorate home from scratch

The first thing we have to do is see how is the paint, soil, and if we need to make some kind of reform or new installation. After reviewing all, if we need to replace an item, it will be the first thing to do then continue with the decor.

Add to the budget a 10% more
We must also be clear about what our budget. If we spend it all in one hand, we will not have enough for the rest. In any case, our budget must always add at least a 10% contingency, which always end up emerging.

One of the first things to consider is the lighting. We will have to plan well the points of light, lamp types, etc., and then choose the style and lamps and other furnishings. If we do not choose good light, then it will be difficult that we can enjoy our decoration appropriately.

Be clear what will be the chosen style
The next step is to choose the style that we want to give the home. If we want to maintain the classic style of the whole life or risk with industrial and minimalist touch or if we chose the vintage or the ethnic we can combine them, but always with great care and, when choosing furniture, do not do it with too many items that may end up recharging too much room.

Then choose the colors that we want to be the predominant, if we want to wallpaper, etc. Vinyls are another way to decorate will also help us to establish a personal and original decoration.

In any case, we must always keep in mind that less is more, and if we do not have too much budget, we can also use some tricks. For example, we can invest in textiles and accessories if it does not come to for furniture. In the end what matters is that we feel comfortable in our home.