Decorate your living room with the avant-garde style

It is one of the biggest trends in recent years. Decorate your living room with the avant-garde style is possible if you know how. So we’ll give some tips here.

The avant-garde style combines simple lines and simple forms to provide a harmonious space without cluttering the environment and, most importantly, comfortable. Another feature that you should consider if you want to decorate your living room in avant-garde style is to always wear light colors, because this design is offer ample space, without the necessity that the stay is too large. You know that the amplitude is a feeling and this is achieved with brightness and light colors.

avant-garde style living room

For furniture, tries to escape the woods or at least too classic woods and give a rather retro feel to the room. The ideal in terms of material is PVC or metal. The metallic finishes are the most appropriate. As for pure and simple design this furniture will have to respect the straight lines and simplicity.

Once you know the basic premises of modern decor you have to think of everything that will place in your room. Think of everything you holistically ensures that the combination is perfect. When it comes to paint the walls you will choose principally white color. You can book one of the dining room walls to paint some bright color, but remember that these colors should blend seamlessly with the other elements.

Following the basic premises for the furniture you will praise yourself for a sofa with large area, smooth surface and straight lines. You will be able to give vividness and contrast to bold prints for cushions. The coffee table is the best furniture to make use of metallic finishes. Become with a rectangular piece, metal legs and touches of this material around the surface. This – the surface – can be lacquered in glossy gray.

Complete with large mirrors respecting straight lines, with painted in gray frames. You will finish off the avant-garde decoration with large metallic ceiling, for example metallic floor lamps and with straight lines.