Decorate your home with neon colors

When we consider the decor of our house, one of the first things we think about is color. Today we want to know a new option, neon colors.

home with neon colors

When talking about the neon colors are referring to the intense colors, fluorescent, very bright, such as lime green, yellow, salmon, and a variety of red or orange… These colors are ideal to decorate spaces of almost any kind.

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Colors for any room

Depending on the type of space you have, and especially of its size, we can use these colors directly on the walls in combination with another (provided that such large spaces) or use them in accessories and smaller items (in case the stay a much smaller space).

If we don’t have a high enough budget to make a complete reform of the furniture or painting our house, we can also make use of the neon colors in kitchen utensils, tableware, vases, picture frames, etc.

Walls, furniture or accessories

These details add a touch of fun and original to our house, making a perfect contrast to more neutral tones.

recycled furniture with neon

One of the most used colors to paint the walls in neon shades is the lime green. This tone is perfect to combine with black or white furniture and walls in the same room in shades of dark violet or white.

It is perfect for the kids’ room or to create a workspace flashy and fun that does not make the hours in front of the computer become an ordeal.

For the more daring colors such can be the protagonists of the bathroom. A bathroom in light tones with the furniture in neon colors is the latest trend in this type of decorative rooms.

But as a rule, these types of colors are even more striking and are much better because the protagonists are usually synthetic and plastic materials that maintain their gloss and look like new for a long time, unlike what happens with wood.