Decorate your home with chalk paint

Maybe if we talk about chalk paint many people do not know what we mean, however, if we talk about chalk paint it is probable that the term turns out to be to all much clearer. Especially for those fans of vintage decor, the chalk paint can be a wonderful way to give a different and modern touch to the house.

chalk paint

A friendly paint with the environment

The great advantage of the chalk paint is that it is a type of paint that can decorate any surface, whether wood, glass, walls, etc. And maybe we will not have to sand or previously prepare the area that we want to paint. We just have to pass a damp cloth and then dry one to remove dust.

This type of paint has a base of water and a few natural ingredients absolutely friendly with the environment. It will not be harmful when using it, since it does not contain harmful substances that we can breathe during its application.

Typically, find this type of painting in what are known as dusty colors, very soft pastel shades that are chosen from the range of the green (mint tones) and the roses.

Pastel colors and naif decor

This type of paint is ideal for use on furniture to those who want to give an aged appearance, combined with not only retro styles, but also shabby chic, country style.

Proof of this is that there is no magazine of decoration that is not presents this type of paint, especially if we want to give our home that romantic and bucolic touch that is so fashionable.

Floral designs, recycled furniture and accessories that we have at our grandparent’s house will serve us to accompany the chalk paint and get an extraordinary atmosphere.