Decorate Your Home With A Beautiful Zebra Print Cowhide

Zebra cowhide is a trendy, elegant way to add visual interest to almost any room decor. Regardless of your personal style, you will be surprised how easy it is to integrate this bold pattern into your scheme. In addition to beauty, zebra cow hide is durable and versatile. From ottoman covers to rugs, see how cow skin rugs and hides can offer an exciting range of design interpretations.

zebra cowhide

Traditionalists love classic antiques, brocade and velvet fabrics, and neutral colors. While these elements make for an overall elegant ambiance, rooms can become somewhat generic. Since this design style transitions easily into contemporary homes, Zebra cow hide is a fun way to add visual punch to a room. It is best suited for several small pieces, such as throw pillows and furniture accents.

Sophisticated, yet warm, is the feel of today’s contemporary room. Furnishings tend to be sculptural and sparse, with sleek surfaces. Cowhide rugs pair nicely with the polished look of marble, glass, lacquer finishes, and metals, adding a much needed natural element. Pulling off a modern contemporary ambiance – that doesn’t seem overly cold – is accomplished by adding an intriguing mix of fabrics and upholstery. A large zebra print cowhide rug is a perfect way to do this. It provides a visual counterpoint, while maintaining the less-is-more rule of thumb for contemporary design.

The eclectic style is uniquely personal in that it involves a mix of different elements. Furniture may be mismatched. To make a room like this work, you need to find a common design thread that ties everything together. This can be color, pattern, or some other similar element. Zebra cowhide rugs work as an artful ally, whether used as flooring or a wall hanging. Themed rooms often fall into this category. It’s not uncommon to see loveseats and side chairs upholstered in Zebra cow hide for African or plain cow skin rugs for American Western themes.

International ambiance is strongly influenced by different European movements. Furnishing styles are frequently from mixed eras. It differs from eclectic in that the room is designed around one or two exceptionally fine pieces and then filled out with simpler items. As with any type of cultural room design, animal hides should be used in key spots to keep the pattern from overwhelming a space.

Cowskin rugs and Zebra cowhide rugs adapt easily into almost any d├ęcor, so long as it is done with thought. The general rule with animal hides is to stick to one type of hide – don’t mix your patterns. Use several elements or one large one. While you want to add interest, don’t overdo it.

Children also love animal skins and prints. It can be a fun way to liven up a bedroom or family room. The next time you want to add a lot of pop to a room with minimal investment and effort, consider taking a walk on the wild side. From formal to casual, cowhide transitions easily and lasts for years with minimal maintenance.