Decorate your bedroom like a 5 star hotel

The rooms of the best hotels not neglect any detail to provide a maximum degree of comfort and warmth to their customers, but if you discover their tricks, you can get to make your bedroom a five star haven.

bedroom like hotelroom

It can happen that, sometimes, we neglect our bedroom decoration giving priority to other rooms of the house. In hotels, however, the rooms are the center and details are the secret to always offer a pleasant, comfortable and welcoming environment, and even, in many cases, full of charm and style.

If you want that in your house the bedrooms are also as the rooms of a five star hotel, read these tips.


None of strident colors, the hotel rooms are neutral colors that go unnoticed. It is encouraging light, the feeling of cleanliness and comfort.

In addition, it is the perfect base to provide styles and personality in the details that are the focus of a decoration. Also avoid print or, if you consider it essential, relegates the prints to some detail. Do not forget that gray is trendy and is perfect for this case.

carpet on floor


The carpet on the floor of a hotel room was usual in hotels of yesteryear and lingers in some cases, especially in cold places. It is not comfortable, either healthy or current. Better wood or similar, wood floors bring warmth to stay and now, thanks to conservation treatments are easy to maintain and last much longer in good condition.

Bed linen and other textiles details

This is a fundamental detail to create a hotel environment in your bedroom. Look after your bed sheets, must be smooth and better, white.

Avoid covering the bed complete with duvets or quilt covers too stamped. Better choose a basic and balanced print: stripes, plaids or discrete flowers can be good choices.

The cushions are indispensable and are the only detail that you can and should overdo it: colors, shapes… but builds a harmonious whole.

Interior walls

You cannot ignore or forget the decoration of the walls of your room if you want to emulate the best of five-star hotels. A mirror or more, according to taste and size, is essential.

Pictures, films and photos cannot miss; according to the style that you prefer, you can choose compositions and classic frames or avant-garde tables, but there must be pictures on your walls.


Every decoration requires adequate and accurate lighting not to be a failure. In the case of hotels, functionality and aesthetics sought.

light on the bed

Auxiliary lamps are the key to your bedroom if you want to enjoy a five-star decoration. At least need two points of light on the bed or on the sides, and it is highly recommended to find space for another lamp to provide indirect lighting and auxiliary to stay.

The general lighting can be transferred to a big vintage lamp or if you want a less personal environment, the led lights in different points of the room roof, these are perfect.

The bed

This is not a detail to the decor of your bedroom; it is the key piece if you like the hotel type decor. The beds are the central element of a hotel room.

Do not skimp on the bed in your bedroom; look for a large and comfortable. It highlights the space around it, especially the part of the headboard, but committed to designs of straight or basic forms, nothing of shrillness.

Here are six tracks to find the five-star style hotel you are looking for your bedroom. However, remember that in addition, a bedroom also recommended to always speaking of its occupants in one or many details, therefore, within the hotel style not forget to apply your taste and personal point of view so that you finally feel comfortable in your bedroom.