Decorate with silver tones

In recent times the silver color has become one of the essential for decoration. And is that decorate with silver tones with a touch of sophistication and good taste is distinctive to any environment.

silver tones

Grey is a stylish color, especially since it is able to combine with hundreds of different decorative styles and with a multiple range of hues.

While the silver gray may be too flashy and tiring fast, has a great range of somewhat paler shades that can help us decorate interiors.

Combined with light colors, gray and other pastel colors
When making contrasts with the silver grey, so this is not so striking we can use bone colors, as they are soft and perfect, for example, for carpets. Another tone is dark gray, perfect for furniture, chairs or sofas.

If we want to raise the silver tones we can combine them with the white ceramic, providing greater clarity; or the blue dawn, which smooth out the striking point of silver.

We can use these metallic tones associated with the jewelry, which will provide that extra touch of glamour; or to the cold, this will allow us to create a specific decoration for the winter.

Small details that make a difference
We must be careful when decorating with silver. If we overdo its use can contribute too cold to feel our decor. So we have to use only small objects or any furniture, just to give that striking but without reloading touch.

We can also paint small walls or using this tone if we want any parts of the walls of a room are painted stripes, combining with the tones we talked about earlier.

Some of the items we can include in our silver-toned decor are table clocks are with finishes chrome and decorative vases that we can place in the middle of the dining table, contrasting with flowers in vibrant colors such as red or green or any other decorative element.