Decorate with orange color

In recent times, the orange has become an indispensable color decoration. Today we give you the keys to decorate with the orange color and be trendy.

orange decor

The orange color is able to create original and cheerful spaces and at the same time warm and welcoming.

Easily combinable color
If we are not quite sure what the outcome will be, we can begin with small touches in textiles, accessories and small furniture. This can also be a good way to see how combined with other colors.

And the orange is a good color to match, especially with yellow, red or brown, and depending on the light, more or less saturation.

Green and purple are other shades that blend perfectly with the orange. But if what we want is an energetic space, blue is the best combination.

Orange in well-lit areas
It is important when decorating with orange color, do it in well lit areas to provide greater intensity and avoid overloading stay.

Oranges combined with white or ocher walls and furniture in shades of gray, are trend and can’t go wrong.

If, however, we are looking to give a striking touch to the decor in orange, we can maintain our usual placing colorful chairs, sofas, dressers or other furniture to give that distinct touch.

We must remember that the ideal time to decorate with orange tones is to search large spaces and large rooms or, if they are small, they have a good lighting naturally, otherwise can diminish even more space.

And, as we always say in matters of decoration always is good to give a personal touch even if it means not to continue exactly each and every one of the trends.

A touch of orange in decor always brings a plus of optimism in our daily lives.