Decorate with metal pergola for garden

Take the whole game to the pergola playing with different types of plants, with ambient lights and textiles or shade systems to create a design that suits and the function that you want to give the outdoor structure.

metal pergola for garden

In the summer, having metal pergola for garden is essential. With them you can create a corner of shade and tranquility to rest, to eat with family, or just hang out. And not only because of the ease of creating an open space to the outside, but because it is a very versatile way of decorating the garden.

In the market, we will find different materials from which to choose the one that best suits the design. The wooden pergola give a rustic and traditional air, while the metallic ones allow to create some more elaborate designs. The more detailed versions are ideal to give an air of deco art or new art. In contrast, pure and sober lines will marry perfectly with a minimalist or industrial style (if we combine steel and wood). Wrought iron, meanwhile, is perfect for creating a rustic atmosphere.

If your garden is large, you have the option of installing round gazebo-type aluminum pergola. To give it a romantic and nostalgic touch, this places in its interior wrought iron chairs with sinuous forms and a table with the stone lid. Have a garland of small solar lights and cover it with a climbing vine that gives flower. The result will be spectacular.

Decorate according to the function you want to give

Choose the items and accessories that will decorate the pergola depending on the end use to which you want to give.

If you are looking for a private and relaxing space, you will need to hang a hammock and play with the lights to create an intimate atmosphere. If you want to become the center of your summer parties, you will need to include chairs, armchairs and furniture that will serve you for that purpose.

If you only want to give shade to a corridor, it will suffice with climbing plants on its lattice, or sheets of hurdle that, in addition, will give a very suggestive Mediterranean touch.

The removable awnings are the most demanded option for protection from the sun and prying eyes. Depending on the case, sometimes it is also advisable to install some curtain fabrics or, if you are looking for a more original option, Venetian blinds.

Climbing plants: A basic essentials

Metal pergolas for garden have the advantage that can entangle plants in them without becoming rotten or become an insect nest (such as wood). In addition, plants are a basic when decorating these structures, because with them we will create a fresh, summery and very palatable atmosphere. You can decant from the ferns that rejuvenate with the air while expanding its leaves create the perfect shade. The classic vine has the advantage of which it is possible to eat its newly harvested grapes. Ivy is the toughest alternative, which will endure stoically the low temperatures.

Climbing with flowers will give a touch of color and contrasts to the area, such as bignonia, rose, passion, or bougainvillea.

The aromatic are the perfect combination of shade, color and smell. Jasmine, honeysuckle, and wisteria have very pleasant fragrances.

Playing with lighting

Making use of the pergola on summer nights is pure magic. And to create that feeling, enlightenment is key. You have to play with it to create points of light and avoid the general. We can use candelabra, lanterns, candles, solar lights, wreaths of outdoor light bulbs, rattan or wicker lamps, etc. In the dining area, a chandelier will create a very artistic effect.

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