Decorate with copper lamps

Although for some time it seems that copper is left a little side decoration, giving priority to other materials, these past few seasons has regained its prominence. And it’s easy to be molded has become the perfect material to create a multitude of decorative elements.

copper lamps

Today we will focus on a very special use of this material: the creation of copper lamps. Something that is in the beginning does not convince us because it may seem more appropriate to rural decorations. Nothing could be further from reality; copper lamps have successfully integrated into many styles bringing a touch of originality and personality that had never imagined.

A material that is worth having at home
It is true that copper lamps are not particularly cheap, but it is worth giving us whim. We will achieve a contemporary touch that cannot miss at home. The truth is that they are perfect to place anywhere: bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or studies; to give some examples. Everything is possible.

Thanks to its particular color, provide a striking touch to the decor, especially if the predominant colors in the room are whites or blacks. There are also models of all kinds, from more modern lamps with angular lines to lamps more rounded, more suitable for classical style decorations.

Great and original designs
In any case, all of them are perfect to decorate differently our house, while the light. The possibilities are endless, since we can also have them in gloss or matte, depending on the type of decoration and taste we have.

Designer Tom Dixon is in charge of this resurgence of copper lamps, but it is likely that not everyone can have access to their parts, so we will have to settle for replicas that can be found at much more affordable prices.

Be the latest in decorating trends is not always cheap, but we can look for options that will help us to achieve this. With a little imagination, there will be no tendency that we can escape when decorating our home.

image by kuraarasbasin