Decorate with colorful furniture

The decor has become the best way to unleash our personality; almost any style is available and adaptable to our way of being. Decorate with colorful furniture can be a good option if you want a house look youthful and fun. Shall we begin?

colorful furniture

If there is a decorative tendency which has been strong over the last few years that is vintage and everything with the retro, the color of the 70s and 80s, etc. So, why not take advantage? With this excuse we can turn our house into a corner full of joy and good feelings.

Neutral walls, colorful furniture
One of the best ways to follow these trends is decorating with colorful furniture, but rest assured, our house does not have to lose one iota of elegance and good taste. The mixture of bright and vivid colors, building the whole range of the rainbow, is fascinating. To do this we need a white wall to help us eliminate the possibility that space becomes shrill.

And it is that a white wall brings the touch of balance, as, for example, place furniture with doors painted in different bright colors. This little detail is perfect for our stay fun but without recharging.

In terms of soil, the best way that combines with the rest of colors is choose it in a neutral grey tone, since it will bring the touch of sobriety to the place. A modern polished concrete or vinyl flooring can be a great option.

Bright, soft colors and patchwork
But decorating with colorful furniture does not mean they have to be very striking, can also use pastel shades more intense than those of the walls, such as pinks, turquoise or green to create a much more romantic setting.

Another way to give color to our furniture is what is known as patchwork, which is nothing more than upholstered chairs and sofas with different printed patches.