Decorate with books

The books are a wonderful way to learn, enjoy a moment of relaxation, and transport us to places and situations that we can hardly live in a personal way, but also help us to decorate our house with taste. Today we tell you how we decorate with books.

decorate with books

The book lovers tend to want to be surrounded by them constantly, it is difficult to be out of sight and also is proud that cover its walls.

However, there are other places in our home where we can also decorate with books, at the same time we can organize them if we have many.

Colors, shapes and original places
The kitchen can be a good place to put books, especially if you are fond of buying cookbooks that ultimately left abandoned in a drawer. If we have a hand in the kitchen, it is likely that we use most often, as if it were spices.

The room is typically a place to put books can do color or even cover them in different shades and play with this combination depending on the type of decoration that we have.

If you have a room in which there are extensive walls, we can create a huge library shelves painted a bright color or painting the bottom of it in a different tone.

Another original way to put the books is to place them in strategic locations, such as on a table next to a lamp, on a couch, on the coffee table, etc. If we put the books in harmony, the result can be very attractive.

A tremendously original way is to put them in columns creating four lots that will serve us, placing upon them a tray, as an original coffee table.

If you have a staircase at home, the hollow can serve to create original shelves and, at the same time, to optimize the space.