Decorate white walls

Do not be carried away by the idea that the white walls are bland and modern. We know that the color of a wall is important to define the style of our room, but also depends on other factors such as simply placing a picture, mirror or foil.

decorating white walls

Although you may believe that white is outdated, we want to show how the use of this key with the right elements will make your room a modern and cheerful space.

Tips for decorating walls in white color
The white walls give a lot of play when decorating, since being a neutral color blends well with other colors. We serve virtually all colors, depends on the style that we are looking for. Therefore, it is important to know if we decorate a room for children or young people, a living room, office, a master bedroom, etc.

Besides taking into account the colors, we can also play with the placement of decorative elements. Depending on where we place them, these will stand out more or less. If we decorate a white wall, ideally we buy murals, sheets or canvas containing strong colors such as green, yellow, blue and pink, as these rather highlight on the white background and at the same time, would transmit joy. In addition, it is advisable to be large, as a white wall is a good opportunity to highlight other elements.

Other tips to decorate a room with white walls
If on the contrary it, we would go for a more classic style, we look for a mural on a canvas with darker colors as black and gray, as we know, have a strong over the white. To decorate a white wall also we can place elongated mirrors. If these have other color of edges, these will be much better.

Another option is to decorate with furniture and pastel colored fabrics which, when mixed with white, are ideal for creating a romantic and warm room. This style is called Shabby Chic and nowadays it has turned into a style much continued to decorate rural stays and rooms for young girls.