Decorate the vintage style bathroom

There is nothing like taking a nice relaxing bath when you get home after a day of work, especially if it has been complicated and stressful. That is why we like it so much that in this private and intimate room in the house you breathe serenity and relaxation. And if you like retro, a vintage-style bathroom will be perfect for you. Today we explain some decorative keys with which you can get the perfect vintage bathroom. Take note of them!

vintage bathroom

It all depends on how much you want to reform the bathroom in your house. You may be rebuilding it completely or you just need to add some decorative details. Either way, you can make some of these ideas (or all) yours to improve your environment.

Wall color

One of the great features of vintage decoration is the intimate atmosphere that manages to create regardless of the dimensions of the room.

The colors that can not miss on this type of decoration for the bathroom are the beige, white and, in general, light colors, but always with a pastel hue. With these sweet shades get an effect, intimate and give a vintage and classic touch that we are seeking.

Classic lines and worn in furniture

As for the furniture, must be classic lines, preferably in stripped wood or worn effect, and all gold details. Towel rails, soap dishes and other decorative element must also be of this tone.

classic furniture

As for the mirror, which is always the king of the bathroom and one of the most essential, we have to look for one ornate, rococo style and, above all, large size.

But undoubtedly the main vintage touch to the bathroom will be a large and oval tub, of which we have seen over and over again in movies and TV series and have become a must of decoration in recent years.

Floors in earthy tones and with hexagonal shaped tiles

If we have enough space in the bathroom, we can also put a chest of drawers on which place the mirror and where we have all the necessary elements to make do after the shower.

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Another detail to furniture that can be essential in a vintage bathroom is a showcase in which to place towels, accessories etc…

wooden floor

The ideal flooring for a vintage bathroom will be none other than a beautiful wooden plank floor, with the charm that the wear and tear given by the passage of time gives it. Therefore, if you are going to reform your old bathroom and it has one of those wooden floors, do not ever replace it. It is enough that you recover it and give it a suitable treatment against humidity. And I’m not telling you anything if it’s one of those herringbone parquet floors …

But if your floor is tiled and you want to give it a new and more romantic air, bet on the wooden coverings that it offers you today on the market. Or because of the ceramic floors that imitate it so realistically. There are many options at your fingertips to recreate a beautiful wooden floor.

Wallpaper also in the bathroom

Is there anything more vintage than wallpaper? I do not believe it. It is the perfect decorative complement to give a retro air to any space. And if it is about decorating the bathroom, do not let the humidity slow you down. Today there are vinyl papers specially created to place in environments where water is present, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

vintage wallpaper

Not only are they not damaged by moisture, but you can clean them without problem whenever you need it with a damp cloth. 100% practical.