Decorate the shower curtain

The decor of our home should be as personalized as possible, hence the shower curtains would be less. Today we offer you some ideas for your bathroom is a little more original and modern.

shower curtains

Paints and dyes
We can buy a white curtain and paint it with acrylic paints or fabric paints. The best thing in these situations is to paint with pencil drawing that we want and then carefully coloring. Even do not have to be a pattern; we can simply leave a message in the shade of our bathroom curtain. Here we have to pull the imagination; any idea can be perfect if we practice with care and patience.

Another possibility that we propose to give a creative touch to our bathroom is dye shower curtain. We should pay attention to when buying the dye, since we need a specific dye for fabrics that are applied as spray directly onto the curtain.

Patches and other accessories
If painting is not going too much, we can choose other cleaner ideas and also give the result that we want. For example, we can put patches on our shower curtain, or even stickers. It will not be necessary that we sew them, as there are some patches that, if we apply heat on them, once placed on the fabric easily adhere to it.

But if creativity is ours, we can add other elements to make our unique shower curtain, such as sewing a few buttons, beads, fringes, ribbons, etc… We choose the accessories that we like, we will distribute the curtain and sew and will stick around to give our bathroom a modern, original and in the most economic way as possible.