Decorate the room for summer

With the arrival of summer we want to give a twist to the decor of our home, adding a touch more fresh and full of colorful and fun. Today we tell you how to do it.


If you have decided to really give it a summery twist to the decor of your home, the first thing you have to do is change the tone of the walls. That yes, although in principle this is to give it a touch more fresh, don’t forget that the winter will arrive and you’ll also have to feel comfortable with the shade you choose.

Neutral walls and colored textiles
The light shades bring freshness, the blue or green colors can be a good choice, but if you’ve had colored walls it’s best to opt for white, then change the textiles and accessories to your liking not only with the arrival of summer.

Precisely as textiles and accessories, the color of fashion is without doubt the blue, gives the Mediterranean touch that will make your home appear to be located on the Greek coast.

The textiles must also be light, just with thick material curtains that let in light and choose natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. The carpets also should disappear if they are very thick, and if you have the option, change the covers of the cushions and sofas by bringing a touch of summer color.

Low level furniture
If you have also decided to change the furniture, in this case we recommend using neutral tones, you will not get tired of them and you can combine them with whatever you want. It is ideal to be parts of low height so will not recharge the decor, give you more feeling of space and provide more ventilation to the room.

If your pocket does not allow it, you can change your own furniture, not only on site but also of room; this will be fun and will give a completely different touch to your home.