Decorate the home with blue tones

Traditionally, blue has been used to decorate the children rooms. However, this trend has evolved into other forms of decoration, and today blue combined with other colors and is used in other rooms. Therefore, we speak about how to decorate your home with blue hues.

home with blue tones

The blue is one of the three primary colors, so combine well with other colors and also transmit us tranquility, peace, freshness and cleanliness.

How to decorate with blue tones
If we want to bring light and clarity to a room, use a light blue with which we create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The light blue or sky blue is often used for babies’ rooms. We can also create a cool space with Mediterranean blue that, to be stronger than the previous one, will transmit us more joy. It is advisable to get all these feelings, is to combine these colors with white furniture.

If we want more colorful room, we can use the blue with red and white. But there are many other combinations: blue with yellow, brown and orange, to give joy; turquoise blue with shades of green, to create cool places; and blue with lilac for cozy spaces.

As for the dark blue, is ideal for rooms such as the living room or master bedroom. We can combine it with white, creams, grays and beige. These combinations create elegant spaces. If we want to use the navy blue we can mix it with red, pink or orange.

Using the blue
When using dark colors we should do it in bright spaces, because otherwise they will bring darkness. If we chose a dark color, we must avoid painting all the walls of the room with the same color, because the feeling of space is reduced. We could do it only when soils were white. The ideal would be to find the contrast between the walls using different shades of blue.

Nor it is advisable that the walls, accessories and furniture have the same color, since the stay would give us boredom and monotony.

And finally, we must use light blue for small spaces, so give them more space and light.