Decorate the bathroom with stones

The decoration of rooms and bathrooms as used has been taking prominence in recent years, taking care of every little detail and seeking innovations that make them increasingly attractive.

bathroom with stone

The stones are beautiful details if we know how to take advantage of them, within a decorative idea. Today we are going to think about decorating bathroom with stones, which you know, the very important space that the bathroom is, is not so appreciated when making decorative decisions.

Some basic details such as taking advantage of stones can become a charming room that makes you feel relax and total comfort but also very attractive.

A stone path around the bathtub

When placing the stones, we can do this in several ways depending on the type of bathroom that we have and, above all, of the dimensions.

If we have a very large bathroom, we can put around a bathtub design a stone path, which will give an original and very elegant touch to our bathroom.

But if unfortunately we don’t have the option of having a large bathroom but quite the opposite, we may also use stones to decorate, but in a less striking manner.

For example, we can use the stones to place them in vases or decorative trays, even to decorate mirrors, etc. All these details will bring a Zen touch to the decor, turning the bathroom into a much more relaxing.

Stone Bathtubs

If you still do not feel totally convinced to apply the stone in the whole bathroom, then you can opt for a quite practical alternative: use this material in the bathtub that you buy for your space , this can make a difference when you see the results of the stone decoration in this room.

stone bathtub

You just have to keep in mind that you require a fairly large bathroom, enough to include a bathtub of this type, make sure you take the exact measurements before purchasing it.

A stone arch on the roof

The most frequent is to use the stone in walls, windows and furniture; Using it on the ceiling is not so common but it is undoubtedly a very original type of decoration that bets on the rural, although not for that reason it is exclusive to country homes; that is, your house in the city can also have a bathroom roof.

It is important to know that all types of stone, whether in floors, walls or ceilings, must be properly sealed before applying the grout in order to avoid any stains during its installation, and this aspect must be taken into account when it comes to the ceiling, since it is more difficult to undo any stain on it.

Showers full of stone

It is true that there are different types of showers. But regardless of the style, on floors and walls, stone in showers is perfect. A clear trend towards built- in shower trays that incorporate this type of material.

showers full of stone

What are the advantages? Many, for starters, the stone can become the best allies against falls at bath time. Less slip on the surface, more grip.

In addition, the stones on the ground are great to activate the circulation of our legs. Obviously the aesthetic factor is still present; and it is that the stone with the glass of the screens is a dazzling combination.

Stone Sinks

Another option that we find very attractive is to choose natural stone sinks. They are not cheap, you have to be honest, but we love the result.

stone sinks

Let’s not think that they can only be used in rustic bathrooms. It is true that stone is associated with this type of environment, but combining it with more modern materials, such as cement or simply with white floors and walls, we will achieve slightly more modern environments.

The natural and Zen touch of the house

If we are going to do a complete reform, the stones can also be a good way to give an original touch to our stay in the form of coating. It is true that decorate with stones is more expensive than a normal tiles, but the result is spectacular.

Get a perfect environment with a natural touch, which provide the feeling of being in a cozy and relaxing place and, best of all, in our own home.

The stones for the bathroom are a trend that has been taking root in the decoration of recent years and it is always a real hit.