Decorate the bathroom mirror

In every bathroom there is a mirror, but very few of them are decorated. Here are a few ideas to give a touch of originality to the bathroom.

decorate bathroom mirror

The bathroom mirror is usually an almost incorporated into the building structure of our home. But whether it is a mirror with guard, first aid kit, or a simple mirror-tack or attached to the wall, we can customize it and garnish to our liking, or according to the rest of the toilet style.

Ideas to decorate the bathroom mirror
There are many techniques by which we can decorate the bathroom mirror. Some more sophisticated, other simpler.

Faux stained glass. For example, we can remove the mirror from the wall, to put on a straight surface and make a border or frame (or perhaps some small detail) with the technique of faux stained glass. To do this, we will make the drawing of base with indelible markers and outline with lead or dimensional pasta. Then lacquer will fill with stained glass, to provide color and shine to the mirror, without entirely losing its reflection. Let dry for a day, and then we ride back into place smoothly.

Figures in the mirror. In the market we can also find dimensional paintings with which we decorate the bathroom mirror. We will find in the bold colors, with and without glitter or shine, and even iridescent or fluorescent. The latter are ideal for decorating the mirror in the child’s room, as we draw figures that, at night, shine by loading daytime sunlight or artificial.

Add decorative objects. We can also decorate the bathroom mirror by adhering objects. Although we can use universal glue or contact cement, maybe the best idea is to use hot glue. This glue adheres well to glass and the elements, and has the great convenience of being able to be removed when so want, either by a move or to renovate the home decor.

With this technique the hot glue can attach virtually any type of object, ensuring that its weight is not too much to lose stability. We can decorate with gems, with ties, with marbles and with keys on the computer by equal. Depending on the style of the toilet, we place the most important elements. Among them, placing natural figures, dried flowers, seeds, or shells or starfish.

The only precaution you should take with the elements that angle to decorate the bathroom mirror, to give them two or three coats of lacquer or varnish. Remember that toilet is a wet and warm, so you must protect the items to prevent spoilage.