Decorate room with purple color

The color purple has become one of the most used tones when decorating living rooms, hallways and especially the bedroom. One of the great advantages of decorating room with purple color is that this tone has a wide variety of color combinations.

room with purple color

The purple brings elegance and sophistication
The purple is in the chromatic scale between blue and red, and has also has great possibilities and nuances, ranging from the eggplant more intense to the more vivid tones such as fuchsia and can find also other shades in between such as lilac or lavender.

Violet, for example, we can use if we want to give our bedroom a sleek and sophisticated. It has the advantage that it never goes out of style.

If we opt for the purple, we can use both in large rooms into smaller and, regardless of the type of decoration we have at home, whether traditional or something more modern.

If we want to give a sense of depth, we can use eggplants. However, if we want to create a sober atmosphere and give it an original and welcoming to our bedroom, use lavender tones.

The lilac is perfect for rooms with a light soft and diffuse. We can combine with geranium and fuchsia color, but be careful and dosing in accessories, textiles and furniture. It is also perfect with steel gray or pearl.

Modern Style
Moreover, the dark purple areas will serve to expand and create romantic and cozy atmosphere. If we combine it with other tones and give it a much more attractive and modern, we can use pistachio and garish green on the walls.

We will need very little to decorate a room with these colors, because with a single wall painted a one stay the colors listed above enough to get a room look bright, cheerful and above all, full of energy.