Decorate room in pink color

It is sure that many tremble, and not precisely in a pleasant way, thinking that the protagonist colored in our living room could be pink. Well, there is no problem in choosing this color to decorate the living room, eliminate the complex and let us lead by trends in decoration.

decoration in pink tones

The rose has always been considered a feminine color, but that does not mean it can be used only in places occupied by women. There are plenty of spaces in which the rose can become perfectly the protagonist, such as the living room.

A relaxed decoration in pink tones
One of the great advantages of this color is that combine pink in decor is very simple, just use gray, white, beige, black… with these tones achieve a relaxed decoration, even, for those who have tastes more naive, romantic decor. As long as we use light shades of pink.

If the rose that we use is dark, more in the range of the fuchsia, it is preferable to do so in large venues; since these tones can make the proportions are reduced spaces visually.

Combine rose in decoration
One way to decorate the room in pink without making major changes and not “jeopardize” our decor forcing us to change all the furniture if we are not convinced, is with textiles. The cushions, curtains or some other decorative object can be enough to give the room a touch of pink color so cheerful and relaxing.

If we have a large living room, we can decide for the upholstery. A sofa upholstered in pink will be a decorative element itself and the real protagonist of the decoration, yes, as long as the room is large enough so as not to feel overwhelmed and overloaded environment.

But before we launch into the decoration in pink color, we must realize that if we were going out of hand, we will turn our living room into a “huge cupcake”, something that is certainly not the original idea.