Decorate in red tones

The red color has always been the color of strength and excellence sometimes after a hard day we need, in addition to rest, recuperate that force us remaining problems from the daily routine. Therefore, we can decorate in red to help improve mood.

decorate in red

Does not need that our House looks like a box of chocolates, but it is true that red color, in addition to not spending never fashionable, is a tone that sits perfectly to the decor if we use it with moderation and consistency.

A red room full of personality
Red is synonymous with excitement, passion and joy, and gives us vitality and strength, so we should take advantage of all these features and include them in our home decor. Moreover, even in Feng Shui decoration is a tone that is used to enhance positive energies.

There is a wide range of reds; the most striking can place them in the lounge. A red couch with white walls and other accessories in black will help us achieve a modern and personal appearance.

We can also paint one of the main walls of the room in red and the rest white. What is at issue is that the color red is the protagonist, but it is not necessary to place everywhere.

Red accessories, indispensable elements
In the bedrooms, which are places where red could stress out if we put in much of the space, we can use for textiles like duvet covers and go then adding decorative accessories like rugs, figures, or any other element.

Kitchens can be the perfect place to make the most of the red. The kitchen in a shade of red cherry furniture combined with a shiny black, can have a dramatic result and achieve a kitchen like that we are accustomed to seeing in magazines.

Being such a striking tone, with few details get become the real protagonist. It is a different way of decorating, more daring and it will fill with energy and strength our home.