Decorate house with chevron stripes

The decor is increasingly risky, classicism combined with striking features that make spaces personal and original places. For those who love to innovate, decorate the house with chevron stripes can become a real success.

chevron stripes

These stripes are those having inverted V-shape following a series (zigzag). Although a priori may seem to be too burdensome or it may be excessive, if we combine this style properly, will be one of the most impressive trends that we currently use in decoration.

Combine with classic and modern styles
Being a type of patterns perfectly combined with classic or modern furnishings, we combine it with neutral colors like white or black, with wood, in carpets, curtains or even in parts of the walls thanks to wallpaper. These stripes can give the room an elegant or casual touch depending on how the elements combine.

The chevron stripes do not always have to be in black and white, if we incorporate them into prints, for example, can use similar colors to the walls or curtains if they have soft pastel tones or to not overburden the decor.

For those who opt for a transgressor style
For those who prefer a more contemporary style, the use of color can be very different, combining yellow with blue or orange and green, among others.

However, the hall is not the only room in which we can incorporate chevron stripes. We can also use them in the kitchen, in the tiles or textiles, giving this space a fun and a retro-style touch. We can even combine different colors in the same range, creating a gradient.

Similarly we use this finish on the tiles; we can do it in the ground without doing works, but placing two tones and creating the drawing according to their position. The kitchen furniture and appliances also support this type of decoration. Yes, it is only suitable for the transgressors.