Decorate doors with moldings

No one doubts the importance of decorative doors in a room; though not always pay enough attention to these elements. Therefore, a good idea can be to learn to decorate doors with moldings.

doors with moldings

However, smooth panels doors can be “customized” easily with a little paint and some trim. With some skill we can achieve the doors that we have always wanted for our home.

How to choose the size of the molding
The elements that we will need to decorate doors with moldings are: a tape measure, a carpenter’s square, pencil, moldings, wood glue, nails, primer, paint, paintbrush, and a miter saw.

The first thing you have to do is decide on the design for the door, because we can opt for a large frame or four smaller frames. When we are clear what we measure design on the door and mark with a pencil. To do this, we will use the carpenter’s square.

Point out the measures and indicate the direction of the cut for each corner. We will place the miter saw at an angle of 45 degrees and cut the molding to fit the saw.

Then, we will apply a layer of primer to cut moldings and, when dry, apply the paint with a brush.

Precision when placing the molding
Then we will place moldings in the door and will watch that are leveled. We stick them with wood glue and in addition to spear them on the site chosen with a nail gun to make them secure. We will put mastic in the joints or the holes in the moldings if needed and we will paint the entire door with latex paint.

Our decoration of molding for the doors will be completed, with the satisfaction of having done ourselves.

Doors with motifs and decorations are very expensive, even if they are quality wood are a good investment. If you do not have the ability to spend that money, it’s best to get down to work and decorate ourselves by following these tips.