Decorate crystals and bulbs

Sometimes we do not have enough purchasing power to put a spin on our home decoration, however, extraordinary change is possible without a considerable financial effort.Have you ever thought about decorating crystals and bulbs? Today, we tell how.

decorate bulb

We can often make a modification simply changes in lighting decorating the bulbs. Be careful, because there are very powerful bulbs emit much heat, today’s decorating tips are only for low consumption models, approximately 40W power.

Different types of paint
There are special paints for glass market that do not spoil in the heat. There are several options, we can paint the entire bulb of the same color, with soft tones so that it is not too aggressive or drawings which may then be reflected in the walls of our house. We can also paint the bulbs with special lacquer for coloring glass.

But the bulbs are not the only thing that we can decorate to give a different touch to our home. We can also make use of our skills with crafts and painting on glass or decorate doors and glass elements like tables, vases, etc…

The type of paint to glass may be the water or solvent. The latter adheres much better to the glass, but takes slightly longer to dry.

Thoroughly clean the bulbs and crystals
There is also the option of painting with adhesive lead, which will help us to create effects of glazing above the crystals. It is a way to give free rein to our imagination and make true works of art.

Other materials to decorate crystals are gels and transferable paintings. In the case of the gels we will create volumes and colors can be mixed with, sands and other materials to vary the texture.

Before we get to paint the bulbs or glasses, have to clean well with alcohol, glass cleaner or any other similar product. So get rid of fat for the paint to adhere well.

It only takes a little imagination to change small details that give a total turn our house.