Decorate a small dining room

The decoration of a room does not mean that we look only in the color of the walls; the idea is to harmonize entirely a space in which to do so pleasing to the eye, and above all, the use that we’re going to give. Therefore, in this article we give you some tips to keep you in mind when decorating a dining room.

small dining room decor

The main goal when decorating a small dining room like this is to create a peaceful and pleasant appearance, without fanfare, where everything has its place and function, as the shortage of space and the multiplicity of uses required to be all in order.

Shelves to give functionality. An essential advice for this type of environment is to consider the functionality that we can provide the shelves and cripple of plasterboard. This type of furniture will not only save space, but if you take advantage of good, no need for auxiliary tables or shelves. It is very convenient, and usually most economical.

Furniture in small spaces. In the case of furniture in small spaces, it is recommended that you choose those simple, straight forms and integrated with natural materials and colors to complete the decor. This way, everything will be in harmony and not overloaded.

The table in a small dining room. Given the measures of the dining room and the location of the entrance and exit doors to the terrace (if you have one), it is best to the table in this room is between the two, located so it does not obstruct the passage to the dining area and toward the terrace.

Keep in mind the use that you’ll find. Many people prefer to eat in the kitchen and not in the dining room, unless have visits. If this is your case, it is more functional to opt for these small tables with extensions, or which are hung on the wall.

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