Decorate a room without windows

Windows are essential elements for lighting and ventilation in each room of the home. But not all homes have enough windows. So what can you do to change this?

decorate room without window

If this is your case and don’t want to install new windows in your house, you should make sure you style the few windows you do have so that it gives your home the feeling of freshness and breadth.

Minor alterations
These small alterations aim to give breadth to the room. The first step is to paint the walls white since white tends to make the room feel more spacious. If it is a larger room, I’d recommend going with bolder colors like yellow, blue or lime green.

Lighting also plays a very important role in this type of room. It’s best to get bulbs that consume less energy. You can also put LED lights on the headboard or in a corner or shelf.

One of the tricks to make a room not be either too ornate or too drab is to place landscape vinyls. There are varieties of landscapes vinyls in any number of themes that give breadth to the room and make it more fun. To create brightness and also to give it more amplitude, use mirrors. You can place a large mirror on the wall and it’ll reflect the light from the lamps.

If your room is small, it is best to not overload it with a lot of knick knacks or furniture because it will make the room feel even smaller. However, if you have a bright and large room, you can decorate every corner of the room with some various decor items.

If you’re going to have table lamps, they should be glass. This ensures that the display does not let out all the light and also helps to reflect more light. It is also advisable to place scented candles or burners with fresh smells so whenever somebody walks into the room, they’re greeted by a lovely scent.