Decorate a nursery room with stuffed animals, yes or no?

In children’s decoration what counts is that each element has been specially selected for a particularity or function. Whether these are stuffed animals or not, it is a question of creating coherence and a tender and innocent environment in which the little ones can dream and have fun.

nursery room with stuffed animals

Stuffed animals or not, in the children’s decor anything goes, as long as we apply common sense and good taste. Fill the bed of stuffed animals not only be impractical – imagine having to put them and remove them every day – but also accumulate dust and, aesthetically, the excess makes that we do not look at any and the set of stuffed animals looks like a mass without character or personality.

If you are going to decorate with stuffed animals, try to place them in strategic places and have some singularity that is worth occupying a prominent place in the decoration. For example, you can use cuddly toys, whose long arms surround the draperies of the curtain leaving it collected.

You can also use the furniture to integrate them into the decoration. Install hexagon shelves creating a specific composition and place inside a piece a doll, or hang a swing rack from the ceiling and make the stuffed animals swing freely. It is about giving coherence to each element that we have selected so that it is part of the room.

There is life beyond the stuffed animals

There is no need to resort to stuffed animals and dolls to recreate a child’s atmosphere in a child’s room. Nowadays, there are endless options with which we will be able to give that feeling of innocence without renouncing good taste.

Soft colors: The range of pastries are perfect for children’s rooms, and not only for its tones are an extension of the tenderness of the children, but because with them you will facilitate the rest of the little ones. The strong colors activate the mind, while the softer ones help to conciliate the dream, one of the most desired aspects by many parents.

Vinyl: Customize the walls and the door with decorative vinyl designs; a door for the Mouse Perez in the socket, a child stars distributed in one of the walls, phrases and beautiful messages, a smiley cloud in the whole rain process, and other similar things.

Singular pieces: Choose decorative elements that add a plus to the decoration, such as rocking chairs adapted to their size, coat racks with fun shapes, a mosquito net over the bed of the little princess, vintage small shelves to store small toys, shelves in the shape of a house, wooden letters, posters with messages, heads of stuffed animals as a hunting trophy, a rocking horse, etc.

Led lamps with shapes: A luminous star, a light box to write messages, a letter with led bulbs… there are many options that allow installing small light bulbs for the most fears that will also be a value for decoration.

stuffed animals

Textiles: There is no need to resort to television characters. At the end of the day these are fads and it is likely that they will get tired soon of its paw patrol quilt. If we want curtains, carpets or bedspreads that last, at least, until adolescence, the best are the childish but anonymous designs: stars, clouds, butterflies, dancers. And the more discreet, better, in order not to saturate the view.

Cushions: Do not stay in the classic forms. At present there are many designs that will delight the little ones: clouds, hearts, animals… find the one that best suits the room but do not abuse them. In small doses, better.

Reading corner: Reserve an area of the room for the child to have his favorite stories. The typical shelf is perfect for these cases, as its front bar will allow the books to be seen without falling. Hang it at the height of the child so that it is he who can take the stories whenever he wants, and put a small pouf or armchair nearby.

Original headboards: A good headboard is able to completely transform the room. There are in the shape of a house, a cloud and everything you can imagine. Also, if you are handyman that are not difficult to do. With the wood of some pallets and chalk spray paint effect you can make your own design.

Pennants Garland: Gives life to the ceilings and walls with Pennants Garland of soft colors and beautiful prints.

In short, there are many more resources than dolls to make children’s room contain nice and beautiful elements, but the choice to include or not stuffed animals is only yours. As it is also yours the choice of a good support that protects the contents of your home.

image source: pinterest, interiordesign777