Decorate a dimly lit room

Get an exterior floor with natural lighting is fairly traded and often, turns into an impossible mission to find it. But no problem, we can decorate a habituation dimly lit with a few tricks.

dimly lit room

We’re not always blessed with large windows in every room of our house to let in the natural light. It is therefore necessary to use ingenuity to decorate a dimly lit room so it looks bigger and brighter.

To achieve our goal we must choose the right colors when painting walls, as well as the most suitable accessories and textiles. Remember to perform some of these tasks, such as placing the curtains or blind.

Better to choose light colors
Although the colors provide a fun and original touch, white is the best color to achieve that a slightly illuminated stay looks like everything opposite.

If you paint the entire room white you do not like it, you can opt for pastel colors; provided these are very clear (pink, green or blue) to bring light to the room. In case you choose dark colors, both on the walls and decor, you will get a saturation effect and duller environment.

Lamps and mirrors? Of course!
One trick to illuminate our darkened room is to place mirrors in those areas where light entering may directly affect them. This will be distributed by the rest of the room and get more natural light.

Furthermore, if we put some lights in strategic locations it will also help us eliminate the darkness of our stay. In the case that the room is too small, no problem, we can find smaller lamps that emit a big lighting.

Make sure there is no object covering any window that might be in the room and if you want to put curtains, these should be fine to let the light through.

When decorating a dimly lit room forget the slate floors, dark wood tones or black stoneware. The best solution is white wood with gray streaks that helps the space is much brighter.