Decor Tricks: The Importance of Color

As the sun or rain influence our mood, the color of the objects that surrounded us does too. That is why before starting the decoration of a stay in our home we have to be realize well that we are going to do in every place. Pointing these tips always keep in mind.

importance of color

In the bedrooms and rest areas ideally opt for cool colors and relaxing, that we do not alternate and help us to find the desired tranquility. In places like playgrounds and study rooms children must opt for bright, vibrant colors that stimulate creativity.

In areas that are commonly used in both summer and winter but in different ways such as porches, terraces or semi-open places, we should use neutral colors with the help of accessories and small details can be transformed according to the season.

Perhaps the stays that more we let you choose the colors are the kitchen and the bathroom, because here there is a wide range of finishes ranging from the classics muted to the acids and intense shades.

In any case we must take into account that very bright shades or large prints might assist us in something heavy and quite difficult to combine, eventually certainly wish to chosen something simpler.