Decor tricks: Takes advantage of the spaces!

Decorating can be easy, just be clear about our tastes and be consistent with the same style. However, this will only get a house in harmony of colors, and be comfortable in the home require more. It is critical that we feel comfortable, so we should not forget one key respect: the spaces.

use spaces

To achieve a full sense of comfort, it is essential that we forward our environment perception of freedom. We must prevent the decor feel burdened or trapped, since thus we will end up turning the home into a possible focus of stress. In this way, how do you get that effect of liberation, of air?

First of all, it is essential to have a basic plan of the house where you specify the size of each room and its decoration more obvious. With it, we will not only ensure that we are using the space of each, but we can check whether we distribute effectively.

That is, we have located the kitchen in the larger room because of trend, but also are missing those meters because just spent hours there. Meanwhile, try also the bedrooms are intended for those quieter areas or away from the noise.

Once we have confirmed that the space used consistently, we can focus on the interior of the house.

The hallways and lobbies tend to be difficult to use corners and distribute. Its few meters of wall are usually occupied by doors, are usually small and lack of natural light. Therefore, we must take care that there is potential furniture (racks, umbrella stands, shelves …) are the least bulky as possible. Do a trick? Place a mirror: give spaciousness, project more light and will serve to review your image before leaving from home.

use spaces

Regarding the halls, we have several options. If they are wide, are a good alternative for storage, and cabinet will be the most practical result. If we are dealing with rather narrow corridors, we recommend that you do not overload the walls of boxes, as well as not choose wide furniture.

Finally, the living room deserves a little more normally thought to be the most frequented, for leisure and relaxation. Consider the activities that we will do it: will this be only living or will you also have a dining area?

Seize the area more natural light to position the seating area, and if the dining room is connected to the living room, place it closer to the kitchen. As for the decor, we avoid the “triplets” if the room is not very large. It will be better to opt for a sofa and armchairs and poufs or ancillary accessories.