Decor Trends for summer

Summer is coming and with it the need to renew. So, just as we do with our wardrobe giving it a more fresh and colorful, when it comes to decorating our home also we must know the latest trends for this season.

decor trends

The first thing to ask is what color we want for the walls. Summer is a good time to change color of our house. The latest trends are the light colors that fill the rooms. We’ll bet by white, never tired, brings light and we can combine it with other shades in different tones.

Pastel, clear and nude colors
If the target seems too bland, we can change it to a very light blue, a beige or yellow, but still very soft. Even if we give something more original touch to a room, we can make use of the role painted with motives navy that are the latest trend for this summer.

When you have chosen the color, it’s time to choose the furniture accordingly. The functionality is basic, should be comfortable and useful items, but no less attractive. The white wood is always a hit.

The importance of accessories and textiles
The next step is choosing the textiles: curtains, bedding, blankets, towels… Cotton and linen are the materials we choose, very pleasant to the touch and very easy to clean without damaging it. They are the best way to add a splash of fun color to a bright room.

We managed to bring light into the home with the colors of the walls and furniture now is the time to give with colorful cushions, curtains and towels.

As decorative objects, as we mentioned before, the navy style is the trend this summer. Glass vases, shells, frames with marine motifs, wicker tables, fashioned wooden boxes… Any accessory is valid whenever we continue a decorative coherence.