Dark colors for the bathroom

When we think of how to decorate our bathroom one of the colors that we discard first is black, because it can make the room look smaller and cooler. However, today we want to show how dark colors can convey sophistication and modernity to the bathrooms.

dark color in the bathroom

The dark tones are the latest trend in decoration, highlight the height of our walls and reflect light.

The use of dark color in the bathroom
Many of us think that dark colors are not suitable to decorate our home, much less the bathroom, and prefer to choose light colors. But the latest trends in decoration and design tell us that if we want to have a modern bathroom there’s no better choice than dark tones. Colors that will make our bathroom a sophisticated and stylish space.

Garnish with dark shades our bathroom is a difficult task, so we are going to teach a number of tricks so we can get a perfect bathroom with colors like black.

First, for a good use of dark colors have to take into account the size of our bathroom, because if it is a very small bathroom or assistant is advisable to opt for light colors to give the illusion of greater amplitude. If on the contrary, our bathroom is large or medium size can choose a dark tone perfectly.

Dark color scheme
We must also think about the accessories and let’s place, as they will play a key role when combined with the black. So, avoid the golden color on them and bet better on silver, black and white color accessories.

For a perfect decoration, toilet and sink must be of the same color to give some balance to stay. The color of fashion by excellence is black, which tends to blue or a purple tone. These shades are perfect because they convey brightness and freshness to the bathroom.

If we decide to use black for decorate most of the bathroom is important to play with the shapes and textures of materials. Furthermore, we can create all kinds of contrasts combining black and gray, or dark blue and black. The color scheme will make our bathroom a stylish and sophisticated space.