Curtains or blinds, select the best choice

When pints and furnished a house, sometimes the question arises as to whether to put curtains or blinds. Not sure what the best option nor what style to choose. Today we help you with some tips.

curtains or blinds

It is important to succeed in this decision, as the curtains and blinds are a complement to each room and can be decisive in creating the same style in your home.

The curtains convey personality and tranquility to the environment. There are different styles of clothing to help you choose the one that goes in line with the rest of your home decor. The drawback is that these are more expensive, depending on the fabric you choose, and more difficult to clean as you have to disassemble, wash and wait to hang again.

There are several types of curtains, such as the classical which engage rails or bars with clamps. Some people put a valance to cover the anchoring system or to dress more, this option is usually much more traditional.

We also found the curtains on Japanese panels. These also have a more modern style and its opening is side. Its hang from a rail and the bottom of each panel must be put weights in bar form, which are concealed in the fabric so that the fall of the curtain is completely clean.

Curtains roller are for minimalist style. The advantage is that its take up very little space, but the downside is that its cleaning is very expensive for good quality fabrics are used. In summer, the sun filtered in winter but not thermally isolated.

These are more economical and easy to clean. Another advantage is that we can control the light room by opening system its have and thanks to its sheets. Venetian blinds are aluminum foils having a vertical opening. These are often used in kitchens.

Pleated blinds are bent fabrics in vertical that fold up, are the most elegant and we can combine them with traditional curtains, for those people who want to go changing style but retaining what they have.

Finally, vertical blinds are the most modern and the most used today, as perfectly regulate the light and give a welcoming air to stay.