Create lofts to take advantage of space

The cabinets, drawers and trunks are good for organizing clothes and other belongings, but we always need more capacity to store our things. The lofts are a perfect choice to maximize space. We tell you how it can be created.

If you have a house with high ceilings, accounts with part of the upfront work, from a practical point of view you can use that area to store what we never know where to save.

create lofts

How to take advantage of high ceilings?
Even if you are thinking that the lofts are suitable for placing boxes and storing things that we do not use regularly, you should keep in mind that it is also possible to create unique spaces, especially when the house is small. So, for example you can create a bedroom in a loft to convert it into a quiet and intimate place, or to separate environments.

Another solution is to take advantage of the corridors or the terrace in case it is closed. In the high ceilings we will place a trunk through a false ceiling, which can be constructed by installing simple doors that does not call too much attention so that these are more or less camouflaged with the walls.

In case you need to store documents, it is advisable to create a symmetrical space to order, through filing cabinets and boxes, all the papers that you do not know where to store. It is as simple as placing on the longest wall of the room in which located a pair of high shelves that will be separated from the rest of the home decor but at the same time maintain order.

How to place the shelves?
Tall shelves not only serve to maintain order, but can also be used for decorating. In areas that are too exposed, the best practice is to place everything that we want to save in beautiful boxes.

The gap that sometimes we have between the closet and the ceiling can also be perfect to place a shelf and put all those things that we always have in the middle and that do not allow us to keep our house impeccable.

As you can see, there are plenty of solutions to create lofts that allow you to take advantage of space. You just have to let your imagination fly and evaluate which is the way that best fits your needs.