Create attics to take advantage of the space

For many closets, drawers or trunks we have, we always cramped for space to store things. Storage products are very useful but … Where to place them? Today we give you a great idea to organize the house a little better, create attics to maximize space.

create attics

Have a home with high ceilings makes life so much, at least from a practical point of view, because we can use this area to store all that junk that we do not know where to put.

Taking advantage of the high ceilings
But the attics are not just for placing boxes and hide things you do not use often, you can also create unique spaces, especially if the house is big.

An example is the creation of a bedroom in a loft. It will be intimate and reserved the most curious glances, separating environments and maximizing space.

Another way to save space is making the most of the halls or the terrace is closed. If you have high ceilings, this is the perfect area to place a trunk. We can put a false ceiling by installed simple doors that do not too much attention, so they are more or less camouflaged with the walls. This is the best way to keep clothes from different seasons.

If what we need is to store papers, ideally create a symmetric space to sort through boxes and cabinets all the papers that we do not know where to put. It is as simple as putting in the longest wall of the room in which is located the Office a couple of high shelves that will be separated from the rest of the home decor but that will keep the order.

Shelves, a remarkable solution
Precisely these high shelves will also serve to decorate and not only to maintain order. Whenever an area that will be very exposed, so we have to do is place everything we want to keep inside pretty boxes, for this to become a decorative appeal.

The gap that sometimes we have between the cabinet and the ceiling can be perfect to place a shelf and put all those things we have always in the middle and do not let us keep our house tidy.

There are thousands of solutions when creating attics; we just have to see which the best place in our home is for them.