Create a reading corner for children

A good way for children to desire experience for reading is to bring an area of the house for that purpose. Decorate a place that children can be calm and comfortable when sitting down to read a book.

reading corner for children

Imagination is essential in the development of children and to this end, it is absolutely essential to read, also because it will help them to expand their vocabulary, learn to write and read better, and go accumulating knowledge.

A unique place to read
But let’s focus on the space that we will choose to encourage reading in our children.

This corner should be, above all, comfortable. The children need to feel relaxed so they can forget about everything else and only immerse in the adventures that offered books.

For that, we will have to find a good seat that is comfortable; it can be a unique chair for this purpose with fun colors, though the ground can also be a great place to enjoy a read. So, just have to surround this area of large cushions for children to be supported. As it is difficult for a child to be quiet for a long time, we have several options besides armchair or cushions, and bean bags and hammocks, as the youngest love the different seats.

The lighting is also very important, it has to be sufficient to avoid eyestrain and it does not hurt children.

Decorate with favorite characters
On the other hand, it is a good idea let’s decorate this area with their favorite characters: book covers and pages, phrases of popular stories, pictures of the characters they like, etc. This will help them get used to find that corner when reading time is reached.

Ideally, we fill the reading area with books in traditional format, i.e. paper. But also we can let them occasionally to read with an e-book. We must never let that they blended the time of reading with music, TV or console. When they feel to reading it is the only thing that they must do, so we will avoid distractions that they do that they leave the isolated book.

Reading should not be considered the child as a punishment or an obligation, but as a wonderful way to enjoy unique worlds and magical moments.