Create a play area in the children’s room

Children have the need to develop their imagination and it is therefore important that they have a comfortable space in which to enjoy their games independently.

play area in the children's room

If we are fortunate to have at home with a free space that can adapt for this purpose, our children will enjoy much of their leisure time and also have fun get give us some rest while they play.

A space for reading

Whenever possible we should try to put this recreational area in a completely different place to the area where they will rest and of course where they will be spending time studying. But there is also the possibility that we do not have a room in which to create this specific space. In that case we can always create within his room a place destined solely to it.

When we first started toying with the idea of creating this playground we think the new decor, colors and type of furniture. If the room is not too large we can begin to sort storage elements to enable a play area and have always collected things for the gap.

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In the event that there is some corner or floor window, we can leverage to create an exclusive area for reading. It can also place an upholstered cushion that is consistent with the rest of the room, while the interior can be used to store toys.

Swings hanging from the ceiling

We may also place furniture and swings hanging from the ceiling, if we are lucky enough to have high ceilings and room not too many feet. These details provide a touch of the most fun to decorate, create a unique game space and do not take place.

Another way to create a space to paint and have fun is to place slate walls. Not too big so that black slate not saddens the room. If in addition we also combine the slate with furniture of color fluorine which is very fashionable manage to create a cheerful, fun and very functional.