Couch covers: a detail that we can not ignore

The couch cover is the detail of taste that can change the style of a bedroom. So we should not overlook when dressing our bed.

couch covers

Its function is to cover the space between the bed and the floor as bedspreads, duvets or sheets are not long enough and reveal the structure of the bed and you can have underneath.

Types of couch covers
When we use a couch covered, we realize that the bedroom becomes much warmer, more highlighting the bed and the space where it is located. We can place the couch covers in several ways.

There are those that are installed under the mattress and on the couch, as if it were a blanket, while others are put with an adhesive velcro at the edge of the fabric which sticks to another that runs along the contours of the bed. This velcro is recommended that you go stapled to the studs of the bed because the heat or the cold tends to come off.

In addition, we can find different measures of couch covers, width and height to fit perfectly to the model of bed cover that we want.

A matching couch covers the room
If we have hand sewing, we can dare even to do it ourselves. The preparation of couch covers can be smooth, deep-set pleated corners on the side tables, ruffles, pleats and among many other options. Also depend on the fabrics you have in the room, and to be combined to make an aesthetic and welcoming.

It is advisable to use neutral colors like ecru, white or cream. These shades will go perfectly with any clothes of bed, duvet cover, sheet, and bedspread or quilt that we use. Also be perfect when we want to change the look of our room. If we have a youth bedroom, couch covers will place then one matching the bedspread or a color that matches best.

The room decor combining ideally is small details. With the couch covers, cushions, some flowers on a table and a warm light, get give a special charm to the room to rest and relax.