Common mistakes when choosing a wall color

A thousand times after thinking what would be the color of the wall that would better be in the room, once painted we have realized that we have not succeeded at all the effect we were looking for.

choosing wall color

Making mistakes when choosing the color of the wall is very common. We usually choose shades that do not conform to the actual space that we have, for example, very dark for some bright rooms and small size, too flashy colors that at the end are stressful, etc.

Follow the rule 60/30/10
It is important that before choosing the color that we are going to paint the wall know first the chromatic circle and see the way in which we can merge it in the right way.

There is a rule known as 60/30/10 which is essential when choosing the colors of the walls. This rule is to be aware that a tone will be the predominant and, therefore, which cover 60% of the room, there will be an important second color cover 30% and finally, color that will bring the finishing touch will be 10% of the space. Always follow this rule in the case of wanting to combine several colors.

Light colors for small spaces
As mentioned before, the lighting is a staple when opt for one or the other tones. If the light is natural or artificial, you can change the hue of choice and not be the same way. If it is a room in which there will be too much light, it is best to choose clear and neutral colors, white would be ideal to give a sense of spaciousness.

Although in the magazines of decoration the colors that seem impossible always stay well, we must know transfer them to real life, with furnishings that are certainly not appearing there and spaces that tend to be quite small.