Common mistakes when choosing a wall color

A thousand times after thinking what would be the color of the wall that would better be in the room, once painted we have realized that we have not succeeded at all the effect we were looking for.

choosing wall color

Making mistakes when choosing the color of the wall is very common. We usually choose shades that do not conform to the actual space that we have, for example, very dark for some bright rooms and small size, too flashy colors that at the end are stressful, etc.

Follow the rule 60/30/10

It is important that before choosing the color that we are going to paint the wall know first the chromatic circle and see the way in which we can merge it in the right way.

color rules

There is a rule known as 60/30/10 which is essential when choosing the colors of the walls. This rule is to be aware that a tone will be the predominant and, therefore, which cover 60% of the room, there will be an important second color cover 30% and finally, color that will bring the finishing touch will be 10% of the space.

So before you start painting the walls of your house, you should think very well what colors you are going to use in all the decoration of your room and also how you are going to distribute them.

Use only white

The white color is a classic when painting the walls of the house, since it is contemporary and very versatile. However, it is not the only option available to us. And here we find another very common mistake, which is to only use white on the walls of the house.

use only white

Do not forget that there are many other neutral colors such as pastel tones or beige. This chromatic proposal is very useful in any corner of the house, due to its contemporary character and its versatility.

Drab Rooms

Too many colors

If you want to give your home a radical change, you may have thought about applying more cheerful and fun paints, full of color. You must be careful when selecting the palette, as an excess of color can be strident. It is important that the rooms have colorful details, precisely to bring them joy, but the excess of bright colors will prevent our eyes from resting when we are in the room.

Not taking into account the rest of the decoration

In this sense, another very common mistake when choosing the colors of the walls is not thinking about the rest of the elements that make up the decoration of our room.

rest of the decoration

Remember that the decoration is a whole that is made up of many small details. So don’t forget to choose the tone for your walls, also thinking about the decorative style, the furniture, the materials, the curtains, the rugs and many other details… A vintage, rustic, romantic or classic decoration? What have you thought about?

White Ceiling

Although it is a tradition in most homes, painting the ceiling white is a mistake that we can avoid. Although it is said that white goes with everything, the truth is that in many cases it is not the most appropriate tone for this part of the room.

White Ceiling

In the case of rooms with high ceilings, the white color makes it look narrower, so it is best to use slightly darker tones that are able to create a contrast with the rest of the walls.

To know whether or not you should paint a ceiling white you should check its size, since, if it is larger than any of the walls, it is not necessary to highlight it. You can use other warmer tones such as beige.

Dare to apply new tones to your ceilings as you will achieve a very original and modern result, yes, always opt for neutral tones so that the effect is adequate.

Too conservative colors

This is another very common mistake. If the colors that we have previously applied at home work well, it is very likely that we are afraid to change them for others. When decorating a room and completely changing your home, you will have to take a risk and modify the color palette a bit.

Light colors for small spaces

As mentioned before, the lighting is a staple when opt for one or the other tones. If the light is natural or artificial, you can change the hue of choice and not be the same way. If it is a room in which there will be too much light, it is best to choose clear and neutral colors, white would be ideal to give a sense of spaciousness.

Although in the magazines of decoration the colors that seem impossible always stay well, we must know transfer them to real life, with furnishings that are certainly not appearing there and spaces that tend to be quite small.

Final Word

Although painting may seem like an easy task, it is not. When choosing colors and combining them, mistakes can be made that will make the result not as expected. Take note of these tips to avoid the most common mistakes in wall painting. We assure you that if you follow these tips you will get good results in your rooms.