Common errors in decoration

Decorating a home may seem easy, but often incur small decorative errors that make the effect to see a room is not adequate, that is, there is something that does not convince us but we do not know exactly what it is.

errors in decoration

As much as we want to stick to a particular style, there are a number of small decorative failures tend to repeat, in most cases without realizing it. Here we show these errors so that you have in mind and not comets.

The choice of colors
The colors make a fundamental pillar in the decoration of a house. We should not choose them without any criteria, but must try to both walls and furniture comes together in perfect harmony. To achieve this, first choose the furniture, and once we have them select the right paint for each room. Many times we do the reverse and eventually we find a set of colors that do not stick.

Additionally, colors are used to convey feelings and can improve the lighting in a room. Do not use dark colors on the walls of a room in which you want to rest, because its can infuse suffocation. Similarly, if you have a dimly lit room you should use light colors that enhance the brightness.

Object selection and arrangement
The small details are what make the difference in decorating a home. The decorative accessories, such as textiles or ornaments are a great option to give your home a touch to set yourself apart from the rest, however, should not abuse these items as its can overload a stay.

On the other hand, mirrors tend to cause the opposite effect, and we just take them into account. The use of power mirrors and will equip your home feel more spacious and light.

As for the distribution of space, we should not lose sight of the fundamental purpose is functionality. In the living room, decorative common error is to place two sofas facing each other, which is impractical to form a very uncomfortable hallway. However, it is not advisable to place all the furniture against the walls, as it can make the room look dull. We are trying to find an average, which combine the furniture placed along the walls with objects placed in other areas of the room but do not restrict.

The corridor is also an important element, connecting the different rooms of our house. An empty hallway conveys a sense of sobriety and boredom. Taking into account these decorative tips your home will look more beautiful, more practical and more comprehensive.