Combining furniture, walls and curtains

It’s time to decorate, but … where do we start? We consider first the color, type of furniture, curtains, etc. Let’s find out what the tricks that will help us to combine furniture, walls and curtains without that the result is a disaster.

combine furniture

The first thing that we have to choose the colors that we want to use, where it will be located, and each color plays a key role in a given environment.

Contrast as a basis for the combination
To combine does not mean to choose several colors in the same range, the secret is finding contrasts, harmony between color that will paint the walls, the tones of the curtains and, of course, material and color of our furniture.

A very graphic and very easy to understand example is that if we choose dark colors for the walls, we will need to choose textiles and furniture in lighter tones and vice versa.

Choosing the thickness and color of the curtains
When choosing curtains also we must take several things into account. First, the thickness we seek, if what we want is to miss the natural light, will have to be very fine, but if we are looking for some privacy, so we have to do is look for something thicker. The color of the curtains in this case will also be important, not only because its serve to decorate, but because it will tint the colors that we have placed inside the housing.

To avoid overloading the area of the walls, the best option is to look for those are consistent with the furniture. Although as with any decor the personal touch is what ultimately brings the final grace, we should always follow certain guidelines and rules for coordination and coherence.

In any case, it is important that we get to feel comfortable, in a friendly atmosphere and with our more personal touch.